Yoga is increasingly gaining popularity in Luxembourg. Known for its health benefits as well as stress-reducing qualities, it has become an activity that is widely practiced throughout the country. However, most places offering yoga classes are studios situated in Luxembourg City.

While they have a great offer of yoga classes to choose from, they often tend to be expensive – attracting only a certain group of people that can afford them.
We think that yoga should not be a privilege, but rather something that everyone can benefit from.
Yoga is in its nature diverse and accommodating of different people and conditions. That is why we came up with Yoga am Minett — where yoga is fun, diverse and accessible for every body!
The south of the country’s region, known as “Minett”, has always been known to be a highly diverse region, with the population from varying social, cultural, and ethnical backgrounds.

Yoga am Minett is based in Esch and aims to provide diverse yoga classes for a diverse population. Unlike a yoga studio, Yoga am Minett is a decentralized platform that offers yoga classes with a variety of teachers in different locations throughout Esch.
The project is built on two main principles: diversity & accessibility.
We offer a huge variety of yoga classes for different levels, covering diverse yoga-styles that are offered by different teachers. We also aim to provide classes in different languages, to accommodate the multicultural nature of the Minett.

We also want to ensure that everybody can attend our classes, regardless of their sex, social or cultural background, religion or level of fitness and flexibility. Financial barriers should not be an obstacle for those who want to practice yoga; this is why we try to keep the prices as low as possible.
We believe that everybody can truly benefit from the yoga practice. Yoga meets you where you are. There are no preconditions or prerequisites. Just come as you are and discover yourself through the wonderful practice of yoga with us!